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 Spirituality in the Gay Community is very
important for a healthy mind and body.  Here
are some local organizations to fulfill that desire.
                                                           Spiritualist Joseph
                                                           Psychic & Card reader
                                       (By appointment ONLY)
                                       Alamo Heights
                                       Baha'i Center of San Antonio                         Dignity San Antonio
                                       735 W. Magnolia                                              (210)340-2230
                                       First Unitarian Universalist Church             MCC  of San Antonio
                                       10 Crossroads Blvd                                        611 E. Myrtle
                                       (210)344-4695                                                 (210)472-3597
                                       Community Unitarian Universalist Church
                                       4818 Beverly Mae E.
                                       PRO San Antonio - listing of many gay friendly religious organizations
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